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5 Best Precious Metals IRA Companies Compared

Below you'll find our extended 5-precious metals top 5 IRAs reviews. Be sure to research gold IRA providers thoroughly is crucial before you choose to open an account. As with any investment there will always be an element of risk. In addition, there'll be a few scammers trying to gain. Good news: we did the job for you! We didn't just remove the bogus companies. We examined genuine, genuine gold IRA investment companies that just didn't have the qualifications they needed to make the list. The results of our investigation are in the following article - read to find out why these are the best available.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned business that has its headquarters situated in Los Angeles. The company was established by Sanford Mann to give savers access to a fair and equitable metal market, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the most reputable gold IRA providers in the U.S.

Investment Options

The company's primary focus is to educate its customers on how to find the best investment option that meets their needs. This can be done by using a high-quality metals IRA.

It also allows customers the option of purchasing gold, silver, or platinum that is delivered directly to your door. This helps clients diversify their portfolios rather than using a single commodity.

  • It provides a variety of options. It includes:
  • Canadian maple leaf-themed coins from the Royal Canadian Mint
  • American Eagle gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Canadian maple leaf silver coin

Account Types

The American Hartford account American Hartford has 2 huge advantages over other accounts:

  • There are no fees or charges to roll onto an existing IRA to gold/silver/platinum
  • There's no minimum amount to deposit for its gold IRA

This means that American Hartford a great choice for people with small savings. It is not just possible to pay small amounts into gold IRAs (not available with certain providers) but the rollover fee are minimal.

Client Services

To help you get ready for investing with American Hartford, the company offers the FREE 25-page guide for investors as on the reasons you should be considering precious metals as a retirement fund. The brochure is thorough and provides a factual overview of the history of the precious metals trading, comparing it in a neutral manner with stocks and other tradeable commodities.

Once you've opened an account You'll be amazed to discover that this gold-based company has one the most effective customer service teams in the world. The company creed is designed to assist customers with making informed decisions. That philosophy is evident every time you reach out.

Reviews & Reputation

Known as the favored gold IRA company of Bill O'Reilly and others, American Hartford has an excellent reputation as a reliable and experienced investment manager. American Hartford's gold and silver IRAs get excellent reviews from its clients on platforms like Google and Trustpilot.

Additional Information

American Hartford furnishes its clients with access access to charts of precious metals as well as market trends. Additionally, the company provides outstanding educational tools, this keeps customers informed and up-to-date. If you have any questions, they can be received by the company on its bespoke client hotline.


  • There is no minimum investment for gold IRA
  • Great educational tools
  • Superb customer care
  • Price match guarantee
  • FREE insured shipping
  • 100% FREE rollover
  • Amounts up to $10,000 in free silver


  • A bit difficult to find information on certain fees.


American Hartford isn't just a excellent place to open a gold IRA. It's also the ideal place to purchase other precious metals as well as diversify your investment portfolio.

Today you can benefit from the company's Price Match Guarantee and get up to 30% savings on silver and gold. For more details click here or call 866-250-5090 today!

Contact American Hartford Gold

Phone: 866-250-5090




Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in 2012. Its CEO and the founder, Isaac Nuriani, launched the company with the intention of helping savers make informed decisions about their investment opportunities. Nuriani has also been a part of and, through Augusta he is committed to providing transparent, honest gold IRA rollover options for savers.

Investment Options

This gold IRA company only deals in gold and silver. Gold IRAs is its main offering which offers cheap rates for investors. The company goes out of its way to educate its customers about the most suitable types of silver and gold for their investments.

Its emphasis on education makes it stand out from other competitors. These services offer impressive investment options, however no others gold IRA companies offer the similar level of investor education as Augusta. It helps clients select the most beneficial types of precious metals to save and shows them the effects of market fluctuations on risks in the precious metals industry.

This is overseen by Devlyn Steele, who is a Harvard-trained economist. He shares the CEO's love for helping clients make informed choices and understanding how precious metals IRAs offer better benefits for the saver than a traditional IRA which, in most cases, benefits Wall Street bankers more than the saver.

Apart from its gold or silver IRA offering, Augusta allows customers to invest directly in the market for precious metals. It provides access to extra informational resources that will help you know the risks of investing in precious gold or silver bullion, or coins that aren't covered from the risk of an IRA. It is important for customers to be aware of the risks involved in purchasing valuable metals before they even begin.

Client Services

We've already discussed the incredible educational resources provided by Augusta. What's more astonishing is that so much of their education materials are accessible to savers before you begin to open an account. You are able to be enrolled in a private webinar with an economist trained by Harvard absolutely free and without any commitment to make a deal with Augusta Precious Metals.

The company won't press customers to take a position by getting in touch, all you need to do is have to fill out the form that indicates your interest. Then, they'll supply you with a wealth of high-quality educational content on the way precious metals IRAs function. This will also give you a fascinating information about the background of gold prices as well as the stability of precious metals as compared to other investments such as the market for stocks.

Augusta's main values revolve around prioritizing customer satisfaction over quick profits. This is the reason why their approach is so education-driven, and in addition, the employees of Augusta don't earn commissions on sales (don't worry , it's much more than their salaries!). You can ensure that you won't experience the aggressive and sometimes intimidating tactics that are employed by sales teams at other providers.

If you sign up for an account with them, you'll see that their educational offerings are matched by their customer care. Augusta has four dedicated teams on hand to look after their clients' investment needs. You'll immediately be assigned a personal account manager, who will be your contact throughout the life on your account. This is a feature that distinguishes it from other gold IRA companies that didn't appear on this list. Plus, you'll never end with a waiting list!

Reviews & Reputation

Augusta Precious Metals has an extraordinary reputation among firms that offer the gold as well as other metals in IRAs. It is due to the fact that since the company's inception in 2012 and has not received a single complaint has been lodged against Augusta to either the Better Business Bureau or Business Consumer Alliance.

This stellar record is pointed out by customer reviews on websites like Google as well as Trustpilot. Customers have reported excellent customer service great rates, as well as a straightforward sign-up process that has allowed them to deposit their money in precious metal IRAs confidently.

The company was also scrutinized among dozens of god IRA companies by legendary Joe Montana's personal investment advisors. They found Augusta was the best. Augusta was the best company, causing Joe to anonymously observe an educational web conference.

According to his story that he was educated, his approach made him realize the reasons why opening a gold IRA was worthwhile - he offered to become a spokesperson for Augusta Gold Group. Augusta Gold Group! Joe Montana represents them to today.

Additional Information

The company will handle the vast bulk of paperwork for you. However, there's a huge difference between receiving an application form and told "sign here please," and having gold IRA investments explained to the investor in simple terms prior to making a decision. Augusta Precious Metals offers the services of the second kind.


  • Fantastic educational tools and resources
  • Approach geared towards the customer
  • Affordable, transparent fees
  • Superior customer service
  • Excellent reviews
  • Very secure


  • You can't purchase precious metal coins on the internet?


In our opinion, Augusta Precious Metals is the second best gold IRA company operating in the U.S. today. There's a lot we like regarding its offerings, and there are no weaknesses. Its excellent name and reputation help put our minds at ease.

We've given it the number two position on this list of the best gold IRA companies.

Contact Augusta Precious Metals

Phone: 855-661-4281




Goldco was established over a decade ago. It's a privately owned business that is a specialist in silver and gold IRA opportunities for investment. It's one of the top gold IRA companies for savers looking to make their money difference. It's a great service given that precious metals are generally thought to be out easy reach of people who want to make an investment.

Investment Options

The company's main investment option is silver and gold IRAs. When you apply for an interest card in the IRA, you'll be guided through the various kinds of precious metals that you can invest in. Educational resources that are strong will help you identify the best form of investment for you is.

You can also purchase gold coins to invest outside of gold and silver IRAs. You must have an area that is secure to store all precious metals. Goldco Gold Group can advise you on the best way to safeguard your savings this way.

Account Types

The company offers a self-directed IRA. All gold investments that are approved will be handled by a custodian. Goldco provides a list of top options to meet this requirement.

It's worth noting that this service has the lowest minimum deposit of other platforms. This makes it more accessible to the thousands of American savers who don't have huge sums of savings but are entitled to protect their savings.

Customer Services

This company provides excellent customer service and is a superb first step for beginner investors.

Gold retirement accounts for individuals are an excellent way to safeguard your cash and tied to a precious metal with a very stable value. Top gold IRA companies like Goldco will provide you with the details that you need to know what you can be expecting when investing.

Reviews & Reputation

Goldco is a respected platform that's been operational for more than a decade half. Over that period, it's been able to accumulate thousands of favorable reviews from satisfied customers and praise from a variety of prestigious journals. It was also acknowledged in Inc. 500 as one of the top-performing businesses in the country.

Goldco is also highly rated with two organizations: the BBB and BCA receiving ratings of A+ and AAA respectively.

Additional Information

One of the most frequent comments in Goldco's numerous positive evaluations, is that it is a business is straightforward and easy to interact with. This makes it an attractive gold IRA business for inexperienced investors to work with.


  • Very transparent
  • Affordable prices
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Great educational tools
  • The company is well-known
  • The possibility of 10,000 free silver


  • Adding existing precious metals to your IRA is not allowed


We believe Goldco to be one of the most reliable gold IRA companies in the U.S. It's been in existence for a while and has built an impressive reputation as a transparent provider that offers gold IRA services at rates that the everyday consumer can manage to afford.

Contact Goldco 



Birch Gold Group

Since its inception in 2003 Birch Gold Group is one of the oldest companies offering gold IRAs currently. In the nearly 20 years since its founding, the provider has helped numerous thousands of customers manage their savings within an gold IRA.

Investment Options

The company's primary offering is a gold and silver IRA. It's a simple way to allow you to transfer from your existing IRA to the investment of gold with minimal paperwork and maximum confidence.

It is a firm believer in the heart of its investment strategy by working closely with clients to help them understand the potential risks and advantages by investing in valuable metals. Its charges for the IRA are affordable and the plan includes some attractive advantages, such as each investment of $5,000 could see customers earn a free American Eagle silver coin. That's an incredible rate of interest.

Alongside its gold IRA, Birch also offers purchasing options for a collection of precious materials, including palladium, silver, as well as platinum. It provides secure storage and shipping and helps clients understand why sometimes ultra-rare metals like palladium can be better investments than the traditional options like gold and silver.

Account Types

Birch Gold Group specializes in helping customers to diversify their investment portfolios. When you open a gold IRA with the company, you'll learn why tying part of your savings for retirement to gold prices can be an effective addition to traditional stock options and savings accounts.

You're not pressured into signing up for an account. outstanding educational resources of the business are available for potential investors to assist them in making a an informed and confident buying decision. When you're all set, the opening of an account is easy.

Client Services

The company is governed by an "open book" policy. This means that whatever type of queries you may have, and whatever else you'd like us to discuss regarding your savings objectives and your motivations, you'll receive a reply. The most helpful, thoughtful advice will be offered by our top-of-the-line customer service team.

If you're deciding on the best gold IRA company, it's important that you feel fully at ease every step of way. If you have any doubts about investing , which an investment firm can't give an answer to, it's normally a sign you should look for a company that can answer your questions.

The service provider will take all the time you require without pressure to help you comprehend your investment options and make the best decision.

Reviews & Reputation

Birch Gold Group is rated A+ by the BBB and AAA by the BCA. Its consistently high ratings with the unquestionably positive responses of its customers are especially notable considering the length of time Birch has been in operation for.

A lot of investment firms have emerged in the past 5-10 years, but Birch has been receiving glowing praise from its clients for almost 20 years. This is what differentiates it from the newer contenders.

Gold investment is all about consistency. investment. Consistency is the reason precious metals have earned their reputation as the most secure assets. The company has repeatedly proven its worth as one of the top gold IRA companies in the U.S. and its clients trust is solidly rooted.

Additional Information

Fun fact: The Birch Gold Group headquarters is right next to Warner Bros Studios, the gold standard for the silver screen, in California, the state with golden sands. California.


  • A reputable company with a long tradition
  • Transparent and approachable
  • Fantastic educational resources
  • Customer care at the top
  • Excellent perks for account holders
  • It offers a wide range of precious metal buying options


  • The initial investment is greater than those of other companies.


Birch Gold Group has been at the forefront of in the gold IRA industry and pioneering its best practices for more than two decades. On the strength of its client reviews and the quality of its service it's expected to remain at the top of the game in precious metal investments for years to be. A highly recommended investment organization.

Contact Birch Gold Group

Phone: 1-888-661-4281



Advantage Gold 

Advantage Gold was founded in 2014. It offers the most prestigious gold IRA rollover service, helping savers transfer their savings from a traditional IRA to precious metals.

Investment Options

Gold and gold IRA services are the foundation of Advantage's product. It offers investors with superior educational resources to educate them on making sound investment decisions. The philosophy of the company is that the most satisfied clients are those who are aware of their investments.

This distinguishes the the top gold IRA companies like Advantage aside from many other stock and commodity trading companies and platforms. These often provide a cursory nod to educating their investors but they're more than happy to accept money when they are aware that uninformed clients' decisions regarding investments could result in losses. It's an advantage to gold IRA investing over other strategies.

It also allows users to purchase precious metals such as platinum, silver or palladium for personal investment. This will help diversify one's portfolio and provide a balanced option that is reliable for investors.

Account Types

Advantage provides a gold IRA account that is simple to set up and even easier to access for investment strategies with the wide array of professional advice the firm gives its clients.

They also offer the option of buying back at a competitive price if a customer chooses to stop using their account. Their policy is to compensate customers at the minimum cost of the physical metals held in their IRA. The buyback process is fast, and takes less than 24 hours as per company.

Client Services

Advantage offers superior customer service. From the time you reach out to express interest in a precious metals IRA you'll be supplied with valuable information on the history and nature of precious metal investments. The company's explanations are thoroughly and isn't aggressive in its marketing. It gives potential customers the time and space they need to make an informed buying decision.

Once you've become an investor and have invested, you'll be able to look forward the best customer care available in the industry. Whenever you have a question, you can call your account manager, who is more than willing to discuss the issue with you and give you helpful advice.

Advantage offers 2 well-regarded custodians to manage your investment. Both have affordable fees, although STRATA is somewhat more affordable than Equity. Your account manager will discuss the services and benefits of every custodian after you make your appointment.

Reviews & Reputation

Advantage got its "Best Of" TrustLink prize five times in a row , from 2016 and 2020. It is awarded a 10-point rating on the site along with an A+ from BBB and an AAA rating from the BCA. With both services, Advantage has had only one complain in the last 3 years. The complaint was swiftly dismissed.

Advantage prides itself in being transparent and posts all its reviews on its website. There are hundreds of glowing responses from clients that you can peruse if you have the time and the time, but suffice it to say Advantage builds great relationships with its customers.


  • Excellent educational sources
  • Great for beginners
  • Highly rated by customers and bureaus
  • Clients get a personal customer service team
  • Fair buyback options
  • Many precious metals available to purchase


  • Information on coin pricing can't be obtained until you're in the


Advantage offers investors competitive rates for gold investment through reliable custodians. The company's educational offerings separate it from other known investment firms and its continuous customer support is top-of-the-line. It is a well-managed and knowledgeable gold IRA provider with a rich history of serving its clients well. Website:

Contact Advantage Gold

Phone: 310-774-2133








Gold in Roth IRA FAQ

What is Gold in Roth IRA investing?

Gold in Roth IRA investing is the practice of purchasing physical gold through a self-directed Roth IRA.


What are the advantages of investing in Gold in Roth IRA?

Investing in Gold in Roth IRA offers diversification for retirement portfolios as well as protection against inflation and economic instability.


What are the requirements for investing in Gold in Roth IRA?

To invest in Gold in Roth IRA , you must open a self-directed IRA, purchase IRS-approved gold bullion or coins, and store it securely at an approved depository.


How Do I Open a Gold in Roth IRA Account?

To open such an account, you'll need to locate a custodian that offers precious metal investments and then set up your self-directed Roth IRA plan.


What types of gold investments are allowed in a Gold in Roth IRA?

The IRS permits certain gold investments into a Gold in Roth IRA , such as gold bullion bars and coins, plus certain proof and numismatic coins.


How is Gold in Roth IRA taxed?

Since Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax dollars, there are no immediate tax benefits or penalties for investing in gold. However, you may have to pay taxes and penalties if you withdraw the gold before age 59 1/2.


What fees come with Gold in Roth IRA investing?

Fees associated with Gold in Roth IRA investing will vary based on your custodian and the investment type you select. Generally speaking, annual maintenance fees, storage fees, and transaction fees apply.


Is Gold in Roth IRA investing suitable for me?

This investment may be suitable if you want to diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation or economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, it's wise to consult a financial advisor and do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.


Can I take physical possession of the gold in my Gold in Roth IRA account?

No, you cannot. The gold must remain stored at an approved depository until retirement age.


What are the risks associated with Gold in Roth IRA investing?

As with any investment, there can be risks involved. These include fluctuations in gold prices, storage and transaction fees, as well as potential for fraud or theft. 









An excellent way for investing in gold by opening a Roth IRA. When you open an Roth IRA you can buy, sell, and hold gold inside it. You can also invest in various ways in your IRA.

The Roth IRA account can help you grow your financial wealth. These accounts offer many benefits. But, there are a few essential things you need to know prior to opening one. You should consult a qualified tax professional to ensure you're making the correct choice.

The Roth IRA is a tax advantaged way to save for retirement. You'll not be taxed on investment earnings until you withdraw the funds at retirement. Additionally, you'll be able to contribute to your account for the rest of your life.

If you're thinking of opening an Roth IRA, be sure to consult a qualified tax professional. They'll be able determine if there are any exceptions that apply to your situation.

You can invest in a variety of precious metals, like silver, gold, and platinum. But it's important to be sure your investments meet the requirements of the IRS for purity and weight. Some types of gold are not included in collecting items. Therefore, they aren't eligible for tax advantages treatment.

If you're opening an gold IRA, it's a wise idea to select a reputable business. It is important to consider their charges and reputation.

Buy gold with roth IRA

Gold in Roth IRA is a good way for diversifying your investment portfolio while protecting your savings. It is also one of the most tax efficient forms of retirement investment. But, it is crucial to understand the tax rules before you make a decision.

For those who do not have the money to buy gold on their own investing in a gold ETF (ETF) is a great alternative. These ETFs invest in a variety of companies that are part of the gold industry. But, ETFs do not offer the same advantages as buying physical gold.

If you wish to purchase gold using the funds in your Roth IRA, you will have to do some research and locate a reputable business. It is necessary to open an account with an custodian.

Once you've opened your account with the bank, you'll have to pay a one-time setup fee, as well as yearly maintenance charges. In addition, you'll have to pay insurance costs for your gold deposit at the depository.

If you want to sell your gold, you'll have to go by a third-party dealer. This is a complex procedure that could result in a loss of your capital.

Gold roth IRA investments

If you're planning to make a gold investment through your Roth IRA, there are some important factors to consider. When selecting a custodian, you will have to ensure that your investment meets the IRS's standards for purity, weight , and investment grade.

Purchasing physical gold does not bring in income or capital gains. It can, however, serve as a good protection against the effects of inflation. When you need to access funds, you can make the necessary changes without incurring the tax penalty. The disadvantage is that you'll have for selling your precious metal in order to earn cash.

A few people discover that Roth IRAs are an effective way to lower their risk in their overall portfolio. Adding a small amount of gold to your IRA could be a great protection against the volatility of markets.

If you're thinking about the possibility of a Roth IRA, you should consult a certified tax advisor. He or she will help to determine the most suitable solution for your requirements. No matter if you're searching for a traditional, SEP or Roth IRA, you will need to choose a reputable custodian who will handle your account.

Gold IRA vs roth IRA

The Gold IRA is a retirement plan that is backed with precious metals. It can be a smart method to diversify portfolios and protect against the effects of inflation. It's an excellent option for those who want an income tax-free.

However, gold IRAs aren't the ideal choice for everyone. They're risky investments, especially for those nearing retirement age. That's why you require an expert guide you through the procedure. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that are trustworthy and provide tax advantages.

An Roth IRA is a popular retirement savings vehicle. It's an autonomous IRA, which allows you to buy and manage a wider array of assets. It's also simpler to set up than an traditional IRA.

Roth IRAs can be used to invest in a wide range of intangible assets for example, shares of mining companies. Additionally, you can put money into real estate and other tangible assets. These investments may grow by reinvesting interest from bonds. They can also appreciate when shares increase in value.

Gold IRAs are different from Roth IRAs because you have to buy physical gold in order to make a contribution. You can invest in gold coins, bars, or other approved precious metals.

Holding gold in roth IRA

Gold IRAs are a method to diversify retirement portfolios and also protect against the effects of global economic events and inflation. It is also a safe investment.

However there are a few assets that can be easily accessed through an IRA. If you wish to buy gold, you will have to contact an agent or custodian to submit forms.

A gold IRA is a great option to safeguard your money, however, you should be aware of the way this investment operates before signing on the"dotted line. There are many types of gold IRAs that you can choose from.

The most common kind is the traditional IRA. The traditional IRA offers tax benefits and maximizes your savings. The money is invested in the stock market or mutual funds that own mining companies. The IRS is the only authority to regulate precious metals and gold.

Roth IRAs are very popular due to many reasons. They provide tax advantages as well as flexibility with investments and there is no tax on earnings. However, they will have to make withdrawals at the age of 59.5. It's crucial to know the difference between the Roth and a traditional IRA prior to making a choice.

Investing in gold roth IRA

The option of investing in gold through an Roth IRA is a great method for diversifying your investment portfolio. However, before doing so, you should understand the rules surrounding the gold market and also your IRA.

Prior to opening a gold IRA, you will have to locate a reputable company to handle the transfer. Having a custodian to manage your account will eliminate the possibility of a tax penalty if you take your money out earlier.

There are two kinds of gold IRAs Traditional and Roth. They differ in terms of the charges you have to pay and the amount you can put into. The most popular type is the traditional IRA However, there are also self-employed and SEP gold IRAs.

The IRS provides strict guidelines regarding IRA investment in gold. You must meet specific weight quality, purity, and value standards. The only exception to these is if you own an IRA that is gold-backed. IRA.

The price of gold has risen dramatically in the past twenty years. The value of gold has increased by more than 400 percent. While the stock market has declined in the same time frame however, gold's value has only declined by a tiny percentage.

Roth IRA gold bullion

If you're seeking a way to hedge against risk and inflation, then you might want to consider investing in gold through a Roth IRA. These accounts have become more popular since 2008.

There are a variety of different kinds of gold IRAs. The most common is the classic gold IRA. They are funded by pre-tax dollars and require a minimum amount of withdrawals per year at certain age.

Unlike a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA can be self-directed. This allows for greater investment choice and control. However, these accounts have a one-time setup fee. There are fees for maintaining the account and for buying and selling gold.

There are also a variety of rules that are applicable to both types of IRAs. The IRS provides strict guidelines on the type of gold and other precious metals that can be held inside an IRA. These include requirements regarding purity weight, fineness, and weight.

Before you open an IRA it is essential to identify a reliable custodian. The person in charge will be accountable for the storage and protection of the precious metals. You may also want to choose a dealer that has an excellent track record.

Best roth IRA gold

If you're looking to invest in gold for your retirement, you might think about opening an Roth IRA. With this type of account, you can contribute up to $5,500 each year. It is also possible to continue making contributions after you reach the age of 70.

When selecting a reputable gold IRA company, you need to consider their charges and services. Some companies charge an initial cost of not more than 200 dollars. Others, however, charge up to $150. There is also an annual maintenance fee of about $300.

If you're not sure which gold IRA company to work with, it is best to begin by calling the representatives of their company. They will assist you in understanding the procedure and help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

You must ensure that you choose an gold IRA company that is reputable and offers an expert opinion. This will prevent confusion and ensure that your investment are in good hands.

Gold IRAs are an excellent method to diversify your investment portfolio and safeguard against the threat of inflation. They also have tax advantages, meaning that you don't have to pay tax on your earnings until you take them out of the account.


Gold in Roth IRA offers a protection against inflation, a way to diversify your portfolio while allowing you to save for your retirement and minimize your tax liabilities. To open a gold IRA you can download a free guide on this page.