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5 Best Precious Metals IRA Companies Compared

Below you'll find our extended 5-precious metals top 5 IRAs reviews. Be sure to research gold IRA providers thoroughly is crucial before you choose to open an account. As with any investment there will always be an element of risk. In addition, there'll be a few scammers trying to gain. Good news: we did the job for you! We didn't just remove the bogus companies. We examined genuine, genuine gold IRA investment companies that just didn't have the qualifications they needed to make the list. The results of our investigation are in the following article - read to find out why these are the best available.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned business that has its headquarters situated in Los Angeles. The company was established by Sanford Mann to give savers access to a fair and equitable metal market, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the most reputable gold IRA providers in the U.S.

Investment Options

The company's primary focus is to educate its customers on how to find the best investment option that meets their needs. This can be done by using a high-quality metals IRA.

It also allows customers the option of purchasing gold, silver, or platinum that is delivered directly to your door. This helps clients diversify their portfolios rather than using a single commodity.

  • It provides a variety of options. It includes:
  • Canadian maple leaf-themed coins from the Royal Canadian Mint
  • American Eagle gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Canadian maple leaf silver coin

Account Types

The American Hartford account American Hartford has 2 huge advantages over other accounts:

  • There are no fees or charges to roll onto an existing IRA to gold/silver/platinum
  • There's no minimum amount to deposit for its gold IRA

This means that American Hartford a great choice for people with small savings. It is not just possible to pay small amounts into gold IRAs (not available with certain providers) but the rollover fee are minimal.

Client Services

To help you get ready for investing with American Hartford, the company offers the FREE 25-page guide for investors as on the reasons you should be considering precious metals as a retirement fund. The brochure is thorough and provides a factual overview of the history of the precious metals trading, comparing it in a neutral manner with stocks and other tradeable commodities.

Once you've opened an account You'll be amazed to discover that this gold-based company has one the most effective customer service teams in the world. The company creed is designed to assist customers with making informed decisions. That philosophy is evident every time you reach out.

Reviews & Reputation

Known as the favored gold IRA company of Bill O'Reilly and others, American Hartford has an excellent reputation as a reliable and experienced investment manager. American Hartford's gold and silver IRAs get excellent reviews from its clients on platforms like Google and Trustpilot.

Additional Information

American Hartford furnishes its clients with access access to charts of precious metals as well as market trends. Additionally, the company provides outstanding educational tools, this keeps customers informed and up-to-date. If you have any questions, they can be received by the company on its bespoke client hotline.


  • There is no minimum investment for gold IRA
  • Great educational tools
  • Superb customer care
  • Price match guarantee
  • FREE insured shipping
  • 100% FREE rollover
  • Amounts up to $10,000 in free silver


  • A bit difficult to find information on certain fees.


American Hartford isn't just a excellent place to open a gold IRA. It's also the ideal place to purchase other precious metals as well as diversify your investment portfolio.

Today you can benefit from the company's Price Match Guarantee and get up to 30% savings on silver and gold. For more details click here or call 866-250-5090 today!

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